There is a significant shift taking place in the world from petroleum-based to plant-based plastics in order to meet the growing consumer demand and legislated requirements for more healthful, and less environmentally impactful, plastics.

The mission of EarthVision Bio Solutions Inc. is to offer its clients the world's most cost-effective array of products and solutions that rid our world of petroleum-caused pollution and reduce our aggregate carbon footprint.  As we replace Styrofoam® and plastics with plant-based products, we will add great value through the products themselves and their preferable "end-of-life" solutions. 

Carbon Footprint

Our Mission-Critical Environmental Vision

To rapidly achieve our mission we have partnered with Cardia Bioplastics to represent USA sales and distribution. Cardia is the leading global supplier of sustainable and renewable plastics packing with a proven track record for dozens of the world’s top brands. They deliver products made from Biohybrids™, a breakthrough combination of natural compounds and conventional plastics. Cardia’s products will radically transform your packaging and reduce your reliance on petroleum-based packaging because the economics are virtually “price-competitive.”

Our goal is to deliver clients a distinct competitive advantage through a new brand story based on earth-friendly packaging technologies. If you are a forward-thinking company that wants a compelling environmental story, please contact us for a discussion.

Thank you for your interest,

Doug Ivey, CEO

Introducing Cardia Bioplastics: game-changing Biohybrid™ environmental technologies

Cardia products

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Introducing transformational Biohybrid™ Packaging & Compostable Resins from Cardia Bioplastics. These tested resins exhibit a reduction of 42% in greenhouse emissions when replacing polyethylene products. They deliver unique value-added benefits:

  • Reduced petroleum composition resulting in the most environmentally friendly resins on the market
  • Dramatically reduces your carbon footprint
  • Delivers a recyclable and sustainable product
  • Helps your brand contribute to slowing a global environmental challenge
  • Gives your company a new “earth friendly” vision and brand story
  • Biohybrids™ can be virtually “price competitive” with petroleum products
  • No switching costs – runs on existing equipment for a comprehensive range of applications: Films, Injection Moldings, Blow
  • Moldings, Extrusions and Coatings
  • Rapid speed-to-market trial evaluations and delivery

Introducing Earth Visions Bio Solutions Inc.’s Eco Friendly Solution for polystyrene foam and Plastics

Earthvision Products

Earth Vision owns patented technology for a process that produces cost-competitive, biodegradable, single-use products made from annually renewable raw materials. Our earth-friendly solution converts natural, unmodified starch into a paper and plastic alternative material without using any petro-chemicals. The resulting material is home compostable and marine degradable. If littered, it simply dissolves into starch and biodegrades naturally. It is non-toxic and animals and marine life can easily digest it, as in the presence of water, it quickly converts to fish food. It also performs perfectly in all commercial and home food-digesting machines.

This transformational material can be foamed, extruded, laminated and formed in conventional manufacturing equipment when combined with our patented  rotating extrusion die machinery. Our process can be used to form semi-rigid, ultra-rigid and foam products, all of which biodegrade. These attributes make it the ideal replacement for Styrofoam in single-use disposables, (cups, bowls, plates, food trays) and other disposables such as sterile medical trays and any foam packaging assembles. It is also an earth friendly replacement for Styrofoam inserts for packaging of consumer electronics. Our material and processes represent the next generation of sustainable single-use disposables.